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Water Treatment


Taylor Smith Fabrications have worked closely on projects with water authorities and consultants to manufacture and install Access Walkways, Gantry Systems and Bespoke Equipment into Water Treatment Facilities across the UK.

Design, Manufacture & Installation

Either for a new project or for existing units, we can follow the process from start to finish with our design and manufacturing service.


Our recent investments upgrading our design aspects to the latest Solidworks software has significantly improved the effectiveness and quality of 2D and 3D drawings.


Our BS EN 1090 CE Execution Class 2 certificate speaks volumes in terms of our manufacturing service, showing our quality and capabilities for all sizes of fabrications within the Water industry.


We do offer a third party installation service to the customer if required.

Ayclife Water Treatment Works

We are currently underway with an extensive project for Ayclife Water Treatment Works.


Pictured is the first of 6 sets that we are manufacturing and installing for them.


Each set includes: stainless steel drum, suction box, pipework and scraper system plus walk ways and gantries required.

Experience working across the UK

We have manufactured several units for a vast number of water treatment works across the UK, including stainless steel tanks and large galvanized scraper bridges.


Our BS EN 1090 certification gives us a competitive advantage by offering the highest quality fabrications for the water treatment industry.


We specialize in full and half bridge scraper systems, as well as access walkways.

Below is the work we produced for a water treatment contract for

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